Flavor Enchancement with 
Rare Sugar Sweet

Make everyday dishes more delicious
with Rare Sugar Sweet.

Rare Sugar Sweet has unique flavor-boosting 
qualities. Rare Sugar Sweet improves flavor, 
adds depth and richness, and reduce unnecessary 
tastes like too much bitterness. 
Here we take a look at the mechanism by which 
Rare Sugar Sweet improves flavor and introduce 
some great recipes using Rare Sugar Sweet.

What Do We Mean 
“ Flavor Enhancement Effect”?

By “flavor enhancement effect,” we 
mean the improvement or 
enhancement of 
flavor, for example by 
making the original flavor of an 
ingredient more pronounced 
suppressing unwanted bitterness or 
aftertaste. In Japan it is common to 
sprinkle a little salt on watermelon to 
feel the sweetness of watermelon 
stronger. This is one example of 
a flavor enhancement effect.

Mechanisms of Flavor 
Enhancement Effects

The sugars we normally use have a full-bodied sweetness. This sweetness tends to overpower other flavors in food, masking the ingredients’ natural flavors and thick tastiness.

With Rare Sugar Sweet, the most prominent sweetness note is clean and refreshing, never cloying. So instead of crowding out the flavor of the dish, the sweetness of Rare Sugar Sweet brings the flavors of the ingredients themselves to the fore. Rare Sugar Sweet also softens the buildup of bitter and sour notes, canceling out unnecessary flavors.

Some Examples of 
the Flavor Enhancement
Effect of Rare Sugar Sweet

Masking and Reducing Unwanted Flavors

Pickled vegetables

Adding Rare Sugar Sweet to pickles and other foods made with vinegar softens the sharp edges of the vinegar, making it more pleasant to eat.

Butter-roasted Sea
Bass (cheese sauce)

Rare Sugar Sweet neutralizes the sharp saltiness of cheeses, imparting a mellow, full-bodied taste.

Frozen rich yogurt

The clean, fresh sweetness of Rare Sugar Sweet brings out a dash of luxury, neutralizing too much milk odor of some yogurts.

  • ・Masking of unwanted flavors.   e.g.) High intensity sweeteners,
    collagen, turmeric, assorted grains, etc.
  • ・Masking of sulphurous smells.   e.g.) Egg dishes, puddings, Chinese soups, etc.
  • ・Reduction of buttery smells.   e.g.) Yogurt, lactic drinks, etc.

Improving Flavor Release

Boiled pork with 
fragrant sauce

Using Rare Sugar Sweet in citrus-based sauces boosts the fruitiness of the citrus flavor, imparting a clean, fresh sweetness.

Sticky pork stew 
(Japanese “Dong Po Rou”)

Adding Rare Sugar Sweet lends a lustrous sheen to the stew while teasing out a full-bodied richness. It also thoroughly suffuses the dish with sweetness.

Fondat au chocolat 
made with cocoa

The refreshing sweetness of Rare Sugar Sweet heightens the bitter notes of the cocoa.

  • ・Improving fruitiness.   e.g.) Jams, fruit-juice drinks, fruit sauces, etc.
  • ・Improving vegetable flavors.   e.g.) Vegetable juices

Enhancing Body and 
Improving Flavor

Yóu lín jī

(Chinese fried chicken garnished
with chopped green onions,
soy sauce and sweet vinegar)

The refreshing sweetness of Rare Sugar Sweet draws out the taste of the sweet vegetables in the sauce.

  • ・Enhancing body.   e.g.) Improvement of cocoa, chocolate and caramel notes
  • ・Improving flavor.   e.g.) Cocoa, cocoa-flavored desserts and candies,
    chocolate, chocolate creams, custard creams, etc.

Reinforcing saltiness


Rare Sugar Sweet draws out saltiness, so stews and other pot-cooked foods that use soy sauce can be prepared with less salt.

  • ・Reinforcing saltiness.   e.g.) Flavoring such as sauces, soy sauce and miso; dressings, soups, cheese, etc.

Other Effects 
Improving moist texture

Various Baked Goods

Rare Sugar Sweet adds moist texture to the flavor of baumkuchen, doughnuts, financier (pastry), madeleine, muffins and other cakes and pastries.

Rare Sugar Recipes


Boiled pork with fragrant sauce
IngredientsServings for 4
Thinly sliced pork …
Green onions …
Half stalk
Japanese shiso basil …
1 bunch
Ginger …
2 slices
Cucumber …
Garlic …
1 clove

Fragrant sauce

Rare Sugar Sweet …
2 tablespoons
Yuzu juice …
2 tablespoons
Soy sauce …
2 tablespoons
Sesame oil …
2 tablespoons
  • Chop the green onion into fine strips 3–4cm long. Chop the beefsteak plant, ginger and cucumber into fine strips.
  • Add the ingredients for the fragrant sauce except for the yuzu juice into a pot and mix, then simmer briefly. Let cool a little, then add the yuzu juice.
  • Boil an appropriate volume of water in a separate pot. Peel the garlic and add. Add the pork two or three slices at a time, spreading them out while lightly boiling as with shabu-shabu and dilute, then dip them in the fragrant sauce prepared in step ❷ above.
  • Place the pork from step ❸ on a plate. Add the vegetables from step ❶ to the remaining fragrant sauce and pour them over the pork.
Tips for best results:
  • Dip the pork immediately in the 
    fragrant sauce made with fresh yuzu 
    juice and 
    refreshingly sweet Rare 
    Sugar Sweet.
  • The fragrant sauce can also be made 
    with other fragrant citrus fruits 
    besides yuzu.
  • Different varieties of citrus have 
    different levels of sweetness.
    If the yuzu is not sweet enough, simply adjust by adding Rare Sugar Sweet.


Pickled vegetables
IngredientsServing for 2 to 3
Boiled bamboo shoots …
1 (small to medium-sized)
Green asparagus …
6 spears
Celery …
1 stalk
Red bell pepper …


Rare Sugar Sweet …
3 tablespoons
Salt …
2 teaspoons
Rice vinegar …
Water …
Cayenne pepper …
Bay leaves …
Black peppercorns …
10 grains
  • Prepare the marinade.
    Remove the seeds from the cayenne pepper and cut into small pieces. Add to a pot along with the other ingredients for marinade and heat. When the pot comes to a boil, turn off the heat and allow to cool.
  • Cut the ears of the boiled bamboo shoots lengthwise, then cut the roots breadthwise in thin strips. Peel the hard part of the asparagus root and cut into equal halves. Boil the cut bamboo shoots and asparagus for about 1 minute, then drain.
  • Peel the hard part of the celery root and cut into three or four equal parts lengthwise, about 1cm wide. Cut the red bell pepper vertically in sections 1cm wide.
  • Place the marinade from step ❶ and the vegetables from steps ❷ and ❸ in a sealed bag or other container and cool in the refrigerator. The pickles should be ready to eat by the next day.
Tips for best results:
  • Rare Sugar Sweet is a liquid, so it’s 
    easy to blend into the marinade. Let’s 
    prepare the young vegetables 
    (bamboo shoots and green asparagus) 
    for healthy eating.
  • The marinade can be used with a wide 
    variety of vegetables, including lightly 
    boiled cabbage, thinly sliced cherry 
    tomatoes and more.

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